We help create retirement income strategies for people in or nearing retirement so their retirement income lasts as long as they do.

Since 1986, Cy Financial has been working to help clients meet their financial goals through the thoughtful and responsible use of insurance and investment based products.

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Get access to our helpful retirement kit which includes three guides that address topics you should consider when planning your retirement.

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Managed Money

In our eyes, every client deserves to have their needs put first and solutions offered according to those needs.

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Wealth Accumulation

You may be able to use time to your advantage when investing for wealth accumulation.

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Today, the majority of the burden for retirement income seems to have shifted to the individual. For this reason, you may want to consider a guaranteed* fixed income component to your retirement strategy.

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Life Insurance

We can help you consider needs such as replacing income so your family can maintain its standard of living, as well as paying for your funeral and estate costs.

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Retirement Income Strategies

We can help you design a guaranteed* retirement income strategy that incorporates insurance and annuity vehicles to create opportunities for growth and income.

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Social Security Maximization

While very few investments avoid taxes altogether, many allow you to defer paying them until retirement – when you may be in a lower tax bracket.

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We have been offering retirement guidance and solutions for more than a quarter century using an objective, process-driven approach. We work closely with clients to customize, implement and manage comprehensive retirement strategies to help them achieve their short and long-term goals.

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